About us

The Textile Industry was one of the first industries created. Since the beginning of time people have profited from the buying and selling of textiles, and this has led to a gradual improvement in the quality and variety of textiles and ribbons. We use textiles in our everyday lives so much that most of us do not even realize it; however, textiles are now such a part of our daily lives that it would be impossible to imagine a world without them. We at The United Ribbon Group work to contribute to the every day lives of people, as we have been since we opened our doors in 1947.

The world of ribbons is an off-shoot of the original textile world, and while ribbons are usually an accessory in a piece of clothing, they are still an integral part of the garments in which they are used. They "partner" with the other components of the garment. By bringing out the beauty in an otherwise utilitarian garment, ribbons are often called the "Spice of the Fashion World."

Being a ribbon manufacturer, we work with thread manufactures, yarn spinners, weavers, dyers, printers, converters, and many other people involved in getting the ribbon from raw material to your place of business.

Our goal is to offer you the finest, softest, most beautiful ribbons in the world. We make ribbon for people who love ribbon. We have thousands of styles, sizes, and colors, and we strive to get you the ribbon you need, when you need it and where you need it. Whether it is one roll or 10,000 rolls, we can deliver on time and with the quality you deserve.

Ribbon is our business, so rest assured, we will work as hard and diligently as necessary to get you the ribbons you need. Contact Us, and you will find out.